Welcome to Foster Your Dream!

Welcome to Foster Your Dream’s first blog post!  We are proud to announce that we are a bonafide Public Benefit Corporation which will provide Dreams to kids in Foster Care!

Remember all those little extras that you got as a kid?  A bicycle.  Music lessons. Karate lessons.  Trips to the Zoo.  Tickets to a concert or a sporting event. Cool sneakers.  Prom Dresses?  Your parents gave these things to you.  So what about kids that don’t have parents readily available to them?  They get what they need in the Foster System, but often the giving ends there.  Many would say that these kids get “three hots and a cot.”  That’s not enough for us at Foster Your Dream!  We want to enrich these young lives with anything you can think of!  By making their dreams come true now, we hope to make them feel valued and send them on a path of becoming vital citizens who learn that giving and giving back is part of being a member of the American Family.

Please consider contacting us with goods, services or financial donations.  Anything that you dream up, could help one of our hundreds of thousands of children have a Dream Come True.  The national statistic is around half a million kids, who are being raised by the government.

Feel free to donate funds to us here: or to contact us and I will let you know how to do it. To avoid bots I will spell out the address. Sue Wolf at foster your dream dotorg. If you can offer us an opportunity but no money, that is fantastic, too! Please be in touch and we will arrange YOUR dream to come true for our kids. Thank you so much.