Teknopolis Funopolis

Sometimes the theatre things we rustle up are too “out there” for children who haven’t been exposed to much theatre.  So when we approached The Children’s Center we asked the recreation director, Timothy Dugger, to keep an eye on BAM’s website and let us know if his children wanted to participate in something.   He was excited about TEKNOPOLIS and we scored 12 tickets from Dewonnie Frederick!

Everyone had a blast and we poured a little science knowledge into our kids and got them out and about on a Saturday afternoon!

Good Hope and Good Fun

Bam’s production of A MAN OF GOOD HOPE by the South African Isango Ensemble invited FYD to experience the moving story of a child escaping war torn Somalia. Here is a little bit of what two sisters and three staff from ACS’s Children’s Center got to see:

Many thanks to Timothy Dugger who drove the girls to see the show, chaperoned them and tore them away from a night of television to experience something unique and different.