Foster Your Dream meets Gloria Steinem!

Thanks to the Hope-a-holics we were able to send 38 young people to see GLORIA: A life!

As usual, these are not our foster kids (we can not show their faces due to legal reasons) but we are joining 4 different audiences and they all look somewhat similar to this.  I promise!  🙂 It’s an amazing fast paced play about Gloria Steinem and it wowed everyone to see how far we’ve come in such a short time and how little we’ve come in such a short time!

Every show invites a celebrity or two and Gloria herself has been known to show up!  One of our matinee groups got to see Karlie Klaus the super-model.  She’s super tall and was super kind in talking to everyone in the audience who wanted to!  She even allowed some selfies.  Obviously those two women below are not foster kids!  But you get the picture!  🙂

Handmade Scarves and Hats Mean Love for Foster Kids!

Handmade with Love!

When a group of lovely ladies who don’t want any recognition at all, crocheted 38 sets of hats and scarves and packed them with love in baggies and red tissue paper and sent them to us….we were over the moon with joy.  What tells a child more than a hand made warm-and-cuddly item, that someone is thinking of them? Really nothing!  🙂


As usual we can’t show you any faces …. but we think this picture is worth a thousand words.

FYD teams up with Signature Theatre for Toy Drive

Toy Drive for Foster Kids Spearheaded by Theatre Group


Foster Your Dream teams up with Signature Theatre in New York City for a Holiday Toy Drive that will continue to give all year long! For several years, foster children, foster families, and group homes have been invited to see live shows in this exciting theatre complex near Times Square. With the holidays approaching, the staff decided to do a Toy Drive for their favorite patrons … Dream Kids from Foster Your Dream!/

What’s unique about this Holiday Toy Drive is that it will last beyond the holidays. Donated toys will be brought from the Theatre to the Children’s Center in New York City. The Center is where children who are removed from their homes … often in the middle of the night … must go if there are no foster families available to take them in. Often these children are in crisis, even traumatized. The toys collected will be available for the child when he or she arrives at the center. FYD founder Sue Wolf says “We hope that choosing a toy and taking it to their foster home will provide a joyful distraction and some warm comfort to the children we are so passionate about serving!”

Ms. Wolf continues, “Foster Your Dream aims to provide extras such as prom dresses, theatre trips, tuition for dance class and karate lessons, to name a few. There are over half a million children in foster care, and we’d love to make a dream come true for each of them. With the help of such generous partners as Signature Theatre, we are one step closer to making that a reality.”

If you would like to donate, please bring a new, unwrapped toy to The Pershing Square Signature Center, 480 W 42nd Street during the designated donation hours from now until December 18!


Signature is accepting new, unwrapped, any ages toys. Signature will not accept clothing or donations that are used, perishable, or dangerous.

Foster Kids Hang With Old Hats

What better way to warm up on a cold day but to go to the Signature Theatre (Thanks Colleen Hughes!) and catch a performance of Old Hats and then hang out with the Cast! As usual, we can not show the faces of our young friends so pardon our privacy boxes! 2/2015


old hats smiles














ANNIE on Broadway hosts Foster Your Dream

11-12-13 was the luckiest day for 95 Foster Your Dream Kids who got to sit in the orchestra and enjoy the Broadway Musical ANNIE!


Darrell Williams, Sue Wolf, Annie poster, Deidra Sutton

Until we can get the approval from some of the children and their families, we’re posting a few photos of Sue Wolf, the Founder, Darrell Williams and Deidra Sutton from the Administration for Children’s Services’ Office of Community Partnerships, Valerie Worthy from Inwood House and Robert Dragotta and Melanie Roy Friedman who volunteered their time and services for Foster Your Dream’s Theatre Project.

Thanks to Sarahbeth Grossman and Sally Horchow who actually fell in love with the idea of taking our kids to see ANNIE and made it happen like no one else could.

There will be more stories forthcoming.

Robert Dragotta makes friends with everyone!

Robert Dragotta makes friends with everyone!

Happy Theatre Goers!

Happy Theatre Goers!

Many of the children were shy and didn’t want to be photographed.  Inwood house came.  St. Dominic’s house came.

Valerie Worthy from Inwood House.

Valerie Worthy from Inwood House.


Melanie Roy Friedman volunteers with Foster Your Dream’s Theatre Project


One Dream Kid gets to meet the Star!

One Dream Kid gets to meet the Star!

Beautiful Lucia, who’s caregiver agreed to let us show her, got a chance to meet THE Annie after the show.   More photos to follow when permissions have been granted.  Thank you thank you thank you to all those who made this happen.