Foster Your Dream salutes DAMES AT SEA on Broadway!

FYE salutes Dames At Sea!

FYD salutes Dames At Sea!

Fun was had by all!

Fun was had by all!

Nov. 2015. Foster Your Dream salutes DAMES AT SEA because an Angel in the theatre community realized how perfect this show is for families and donated 80 tickets! YAY. Our families … which are comprised of bio-parents and foster parents, both single and couples, over-18-foster-youth without their foster parents, caregivers and case workers and of course our Dream Kids …  had the BEST TIME this past Sunday on Broadway! Our lucky ticket holders gathered to enjoy the spectacle of music, colors, actors, singing and awesome tap dancing at the Helen Hayes theatre in the heart of Times Square!

As usual, we can not post photos of the children unless we have permission from the legal guardians, hence the blurring out of one of the cutest stars of Sunday’s audience. Let’s just say that seven-year-old Little Pink Jacket danced for the producers, posed with the cast members and hugged everyone with lots of squeezey love! She even made the saluting sailor roar with laughter at HER clever conversation and antics. (By the way, I’m looking for an angel who wants to give her or pay for her to get some dance lessons somewhere in Harlem, where she is currently living! Contact me if you can help!)

The show was magnificent and the cast spent time after the show for a meet and greet and a quick photo opportunity.

Thank you, Cast for spending time with u!

Thank you, Cast for spending time with us!

Many thanks to the Producers Sarahbeth Grossman and Anna Roberts Ostroff and Company Manager Holli Campbell for helping us get it all organized and for being so understanding. Your extra energy has made a huge difference in what our families can experience and what we can offer them!

Arriving at DAMES AT SEA!

Arriving at DAMES AT SEA!

"I Can't Wait to Grow Up so i can see DAMES AT SEA!"

Says Mr. Dapper: “I Can’t Wait to Grow Up so I can see DAMES AT SEA!”

"Lucky" Danny Gardner surrounded by FYD love!

“Lucky” Danny Gardner surrounded by FYD love!

Eloise Kropp gets some "Ruby" love!

Mara Davi gets some love!



Thanks to all!!!

November 2015.

Sue Wolf (original Dreamer Upper of Foster Your Dream!)

Thanks to the volunteers and coordinators for this event: Jamie Kendall, Donald Yonker, Sandra Garni, Julia, ACS Goddess Deidra Sutton, ACS magician Darrell Williams!!!!

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  1. Jo Greene says:

    Sue, you are amazing! But of course I’ve always known that!!!
    What a wonderful thing you are doing bringing the Miracle of Broadway to foster children and their families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy this exciting experience. I salute you and your organization Foster-Your-Dream!
    We miss you around here in LA, but you are doing God’s work in NY!

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