When Jackie Bell fell in love with our kids, she made sure we got to visit the AMAZING MUSICAL EMOJILAND! We had the best time ever. She spoke with our group at the beginning and treated us to a VIP ending. The kids loved it so much! You know we can’t show their faces but here is some audio during intermission when we asked a few of the boys how they liked the show:


We get to go again next week! Jackie said the entire company felt honored to have our kids visit the show that they work so hard to perform!

The drummer of the show fell in love with one of our very bouncy boys and has given him a drum practice-kit to take to his new foster home. The drummer remembers being a bouncy, rhythmic child and wanted to encourage our little guy to try the drums. Can you believe it?

What an AMAZING outcome for all of us. Not only does a group of children get a bonding super-fun experience, but one of them will have a surprise gift sent to his new foster home. But also, a whole show-biz family now knows how special our children are and will most likely encourage more opportunities for foster children everywhere! How magical is that?

Thank you to Jackie Bell and all the folks at EMOJILAND! GO SEE THIS SHOW. It’s a winner.

FOLLOWUP REPORT: One of our younger boys was jumping around excitedly TO the music the entire show. The drummer, who could see our little guy, stopped me and asked if he could give him a set of drum sticks because he related to the boy’s energy. Giancarlo De Trizio saw himself in our little boy and wrote him a note and gave it to our guy! (who btw is the one on the audio file above!) Here’s our hero:

Foster Your Dream goes Backstage on Broadway

SpongeBob SquarePants, Head Over Heels and Choir Boy invited us to join them for their shows and then for a magical backstage tour!

Lou Castro shows us backstage!

Lou Castro, Choreographer of SpongeBob Square Pants.




Brooke Smith arranged for Lou Castro the assistant Choreographer of Sponge Bob Square Pants to give us an in depth look at all the amazing things backstage at the Palace Theatre! He showed up props, wardrobe and al the fantastical technology!




Julie Boardman & Sarahbeth Grossman welcome us to the Green Room!


  HEAD OVER HEELS producers Sarahbeth Grossman, who has been a supporter of Foster Your Dream kids for the past 10 years, took us to their green room and introduced us to producer Julie Boardman.  We were allowed to ask questions and feel like a VIP!




As usual, I can only show emancipated foster children who are OK with our taking their photo or with guardian consent.  That’s why you tend to see the same few kids … they are the ones who are enamored by all things THEATRE!  The one below has a particular connection to theatre and FYD’s mentorship has been sort of like a rag-tag theatre fellowship.  So enjoy her joy!


Choir Boy’s Austin Pendleton

Hey World … Here I Am!

When Saint Joan Looks Like a Foster Child

When a young budding actress who has lived most of her life in foster care sees St. Joan on Broadway starring Condola Rashad and says “Oh!  She looks like me! I could do that!” it gives us another reason for urgency to have full representation in entertainment!Not only was Ms. Rashad brilliant but she was kind and generous with her time after the show.

waiting for autograph

getting autograph

gondola rashad supporting a dream

I’m going to keep this young actress’ name private here but some day you will see her in the arts, either on stage or behind the scenes.

believing the dream

She went to see Ms. Rashad perform twice with two different FYD mentors because it is rare that we see people who represent our #fostercare population in such a unique and inspiring way on Broadway. Thank you, Ms. Rashad from all of us at Foster Your Dream! 🙂  A wonderful time was had by all! 🙂

Rubinstein Family Fund


Exposing Classical Music to children of all ages and backgrounds was Arthur’s passion.

In lieu of flowers, a donation can be made to a special fund to honor him by clicking the donate button above on this page!

All funds will be used to support Music and Arts experiences for at-risk youth in Los Angeles and New York City. The thrill of a first concert or a first broadway musical is something that always stays with a young person. Exposure to musical education could spark another composer. Your gift of music via The Rubinstein Family Fund will be magical. Thank you.


Vietgone and Manhattan Theatre Club Hosts FYD

Thanks to Joanna Lee and Manhattan Theatre Club we were invited to a performance of “VIETGONE” by Qui Nguyen.  This young playwright proved to be super current especially since he is currently writing for Marvel Comics!

Since the language was not for youngsters we invited the caregivers and their extended family to see the show as a night out without the children!  It was a super special treat and something that the family experienced for the first time at this wonderful theatre.

Many times theatre is for grown-ups…but we send out a plea to all theatre owners and producers to send us tickets!  We have so many foster families and caregivers that simply need a night out but have no extra funds to pay for it.  They LOVE the theatre.  It is safe.  Friendly.  Interesting.  Festive.  Celebratory.  Fun.

Thanks to all who made this happen.  The Play was awesome and exciting and beautiful to look at!

Signature Theatre Sponsors Dream Kid

Foster Your Dream has made a theatre dream come true.   December 2015-2016


Colleen Hughes

FYD went to bat for one of our Dream Kids.

Thanks to our longtime friend, Colleen Hughes who is the Arts Administrator at our favorite Signature Theatre, we received a full gratis subscription for our teen client who is in college for theatre!  Thanks for always helping us, Colleen!



We first met our client Nancy when she showed up at “Ann On Broadway” and met Holland Taylor in June of 2013.


That’s Nancy in the glasses and Jean jacket!

After losing track of her for nearly 2 years … (that happens a LOT with our clients due to “The System” ) … she showed up at our Dames At Sea Theatre Project Event and I pounced on her with such enthusiasm that she nearly took my temperature!  🙂  You see, Colleen had many tickets over the 2 years that were inappropriate for young patrons but totally appropriate for a young teen.  It was breaking my heart that we couldn’t find Nancy due to such stringent privacy concerns (for good reasons) … so wow was I glad that she heard about our “Dames At Sea” event and showed up so I could pounce.  🙂


Shy client! Can you find her?

She stayed for the talk-back at the end and we got to talking. You can see her here in this very bad photo listening to a cast member answer her very smart question about how he gets in to each ‘character’ while playing two different characters.  It was exciting that she was still in school studying acting and the arts.  She said she would love a subscription to the theatre and we immediately called Colleen Hughes who pitched it to her superiors and made it all happen!

signature theatre exterior

10th Avenue and 42nd Street!


Not only is the Signature Theatre doing amazing vibrant work, but they are a haven for visitors who just want to take a break, have a snack, be in a beautiful setting and enjoy free wifi!


Happy Young Theatre Patrons!





Nancy is able to take a friend to every performance so she can chat about the experience and feel as special as we KNOW she is!