Wow … Foster Your Dream was invited to speak at a panel event at the Signature Theatre called “Who’s Your Neighbor!”   We each represented a group that does good work in the community!  We were very proud to tell our stories and shine a bright spotlight on our amazing Foster Kid population. We made some good friends at the Broadway Advocacy Coalition and had a large meeting at their invitation this year.  Making connections is key to infuse energy in to our world-changing ideas!  We also met several new volunteers who will be bringing music and SAT tutoring to some of our foster kid clients!  🙂  We thank Colleen Hughes,  Signature Theatre and The Ghost Light Project for starting something in 2017 that is bearing fruit in 2018 and 2019!

Toy Drive

TOY DRIVE was huge success!  We collected 3 times as many toys as 2017!

In December we said:  TOY DRIVE 2018 is in full swing!

You can donate new toys for any ages at the lobby of 36 west 44th Street, between 6th Ave and 5th Ave….or the Signature Theatre on 42nd street between 10th Avenue and 9th Avenue.

New and unwrapped.  Any age group.  Let’s make this the biggest one yet!  Last year we got a letter from the commissioner:

We bring the toys to the ACS Children’s Center where all ages go when they get pulled out of their homes.  The Center houses them until a proper foster family can be found.  This can be days or weeks or months.  Our mission with the toys is to give them a few minutes of happiness while they chose a toy to bring with them to their new foster home.


Rubinstein Family Fund


Exposing Classical Music to children of all ages and backgrounds was Arthur’s passion.

In lieu of flowers, a donation can be made to a special fund to honor him by clicking the donate button above on this page!

All funds will be used to support Music and Arts experiences for at-risk youth in Los Angeles and New York City. The thrill of a first concert or a first broadway musical is something that always stays with a young person. Exposure to musical education could spark another composer. Your gift of music via The Rubinstein Family Fund will be magical. Thank you.


Brooklyn Youth Chorus Wows FYD

Long gone are the stand-in-one-place-and-sing days.  The Brooklyn Youth Chorus really wowed Foster Your Dream’s kids.  So much so that the group-home that came for the first performance, inspired a second group to come listen!  The young chorus and orchestra sung and played their hearts out and were theatrical, also.

There was choreography.  There were visuals.  There was harmony.  There was diversity.  There was a connection.  Everything that music and art can do for the soul.

BAM-tastic events

BAM is one of our biggest supporters.  We had small groups go to many performances of the following BAM-tastic events …

The Toad Knew … a nonverbal rollicking event with acrobatics and water play and a LOT of stagecraft!

The Toad Knew

The Crown Heights film … based on a true story that some of our kids could relate to only too well!

Crown Heights Film and Real Life

A new year of Teknopolis Fun  … we got to bring groups for both days.

Enjoying some virtual fun!

We always have a blast because BAM makes our groups feel free and joyful! Thanks, always, to Ms. D!

Venus of Hottentot at Signature Theatre

Based on a true story about Sara Baartman, an African Woman who was enslaved because of her beautiful booty, Venus of Hottentot wowed several small groups of foster children who had never been to the theatre!

Powerful Woman

Susan Lori Parks, a brilliant African American Female writer, chose to focus on a strong figure in history to illuminate in her play off-broadway.  Our kids felt empowered at the end after experiencing all of her trials and tribulations in living technicolor!

Amazing Production!

As the curtain went down in that moment just before the applause starts, the 16 year old sitting next to me said in a soft voice “w o w !”  That kind of reaction makes all our slow-going hard work worthwhile.