A Dream of Motown the Musical Comes True

This is what we dream about here at FYD! One of our hard working family expresses interest in seeing the musical MOTOWN before it closes in NY and moves on to the U.S. tour. Enter Miguel Ortiz who arranges for our very special client and her family to be honored guests at the show.  We are so grateful for his enthusiasm for what we do. Yay!  Pure joy.

Motown Joy

Motown Joy

Studying the program.

Studying the program.

Motown Musical Supremes!

Motown Musical Supremes!


Motown Jackson Five

Motown Jackson Five


Motown The Musical.





Thank you, Mr. Ortiz, from the bottom of all our hearts!


Foster Your Dream Goes Inside Broadway

Creating the Magic is what Inside Broadway does.   December 2015.

Foster Your Dream was lucky enough to be invited by Michael Presser to go see how the broadway show “Finding Neverland” is made.


Inside Broadway busses in classes of school children from all over NYC.  We brought several ACS workers and several very lucky children with us and were treated to the VIP section.  Once again, we can’t show you our underage children where no parent approves the use of photos on the internet so you’ll just have to take our word for it how ‘wowed’ our kids were!


The children were treated to a super special behind-the-scenes look at how all the magic happens on Broadway.  Right in front of their eyes, the scenery moves, the lights swing around and all on the command of the stage manager who stands out front and explains everything.


We will be  working with the folks at Inside Broadway and the Admin of Children’s Services to figure out how to get more of our very special clients to these very special daytime events.

December 2015.  Many thanks to Donald Yonker, Michael Presser and Nicholas Sala for your time and energy in getting us there.

Law Firm Hosts Foster Your Dream VIP Circus Event

Ringling Brothers Circus is a Foster Your Dream come true!


Morgan Lewis & Bockius (formerly Bingham McCutchen) donated their box at Staples Center so some of our families could enjoy a fun filled Ringling Brothers Circus VIP event!

“What a great bonding experience for us!” said one of the Foster Parents!  We are ever grateful to the lawyers (who wish to remain anonymous) who consistently think of us and our families!


In addition to a wonderful and special time the food was AMAZING!

Thanks to Morgan Lewis & Bockius, we were able to host TWO MORE FAMILIES but no photos were taken during these other two events.  But a total of 3 families were able to go and enjoy a safe, happy place with a VIP flair!

Thanks to all who made this dream come true!!!


The-Nutckrakcr-coloringDewonnie Fredrick invites Foster Your Dream to BAM for a full day of fun including workshops, dancing and tickets to the NUTCRACKER BALLET starring Misty Copeland!




Bright and early at 10:30 in the morning we are at Brooklyn Academy of Music’s dance studio and rehearsal room where the children begin coloring and learn about the story of the Nutcracker Ballet!




ABT, better known as American Ballet Theatre, knows how to talk to kids! Seems they’ve done this before! Mr. Richard explains leaps and moves and terms to our enthralled children.




The Inwood House staff and caregivers look on with joy in their hearts as the kids get up and on their feet to leap and dance the morning away!

ABT Richard & kids leg extendABT Richard & kids hands on hipsABT Richard & kids curl forward


picnic-lunch kids-engage-during-lunch

After our performances Dewonnie organized a special lunch for us.




We get to eat on plaid picnic blankets while chatting with all our new friends.






We gather our take-away creations …





…and go to the big theatre.  As we enter the building the children say oooooo!  Can you see why?




We see Misty Copeland be brilliant (sorry, no photos allowed in the theatre) and when the children on the stage do the silly-walk dance that our children learned in the morning, they were so excited since they connected with it in such a special way. Some of them were dancing in their seats!

Special thanks to:

DEWONNIE FREDERICK. She invited us. Dewonnie-Frederick

 Ilex Bien-Aime and Dewonnie!Dewonnie-Elix-1

The creative ABT team.ABT-staff inwoodhouse-group-nutcracker

VALERIE WORTHY who made sure all our children got there. WOW.







RICHARD TODA who was magical with the children.




Remember, a dream can be sparked by a ticket IN.nutcracker-tickets


Foster Your Dream hosts its second VIP Event at Disney On Ice!  

disney let's celbrate

Three families spent a fun Friday night all bundled up in a Staples Center VIP suite watching all of our favorite Disney characters spin and swirl and leap as they ice-skated all around at Disney on Ice.  

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 3.37.24 PM

While munching on grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs and chilli, and goodies galore, we got to see Lilo & Stiitch have a Hawaiian luau, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse go time traveling, Malificent, Cruella DeVille and the other Disney villians celebrate Halloween, and the Disney Princesses have a Valentines Day dance with their princes. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 3.35.21 PM

An informal poll among the nine kiddos that joined us revealed that the favorites, by far, included Goofy and Princesses Jasmine, Tiana, and Ariel.  Thank you so much to Bingham McCutchen LLP (now Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP) for generously donating the use of the suite!  We all had a blast!

photo 4

photo 1


Jay Leno met Trevon on our private tour of his Big Dog Garage. The two of them drove off in a cloud of steam in Jay’s antique 1906 Stanley Steamer automobile. When they’d returned from cruising around Burbank together, the two had bonded. Jay’s huge, constantly-giving heart took over and after hearing that Trevon dreamt of becoming a personal chef, made Trevon’s dream come true.  

To have a busy man like Jay Leno take time out of his life and give his energy to Foster Your Dream and to believe in Trevon, is priceless.  THANK YOU JAY!  

Here are a few photos from Trevon’s priceless experience of a Dream Come True!