The Rockettes Spring Spectacular does more than razzle dazzle!  July 2016


Thanks to Donald Yonker (one of our patrons) … we were able to send the fab four female contingency of one of our foster families to see the most awesome Rockettes!  Apparently we made the dream come true of not only our little child client, but her entire family!  This is one of the reasons we are so devoted to making theatre events happen.  Our outings provide a super fun, special, safe place for a family to relax and have an enriching time together that they can TALK about later.  It’s a safe haven for an amazing bonding experience that also provides a memory that might not be in the budget of our hard working and AMAZING foster families.

This is why we love doing it:

rockettes-thumbs-up                                      rockettes-wonder


Oh.  This was the favorite thing of the group….THE FASHION SHOW!


Foster Your Dream Goes Inside Broadway

Creating the Magic is what Inside Broadway does.   December 2015.

Foster Your Dream was lucky enough to be invited by Michael Presser to go see how the broadway show “Finding Neverland” is made.


Inside Broadway busses in classes of school children from all over NYC.  We brought several ACS workers and several very lucky children with us and were treated to the VIP section.  Once again, we can’t show you our underage children where no parent approves the use of photos on the internet so you’ll just have to take our word for it how ‘wowed’ our kids were!


The children were treated to a super special behind-the-scenes look at how all the magic happens on Broadway.  Right in front of their eyes, the scenery moves, the lights swing around and all on the command of the stage manager who stands out front and explains everything.


We will be  working with the folks at Inside Broadway and the Admin of Children’s Services to figure out how to get more of our very special clients to these very special daytime events.

December 2015.  Many thanks to Donald Yonker, Michael Presser and Nicholas Sala for your time and energy in getting us there.



Big Fish invites Foster Your Dream

As the sign says, Foster Your Dream was invited to see BIG FISH, the MUSICAL and it was BEAUTIFUL and GLORIOUS!  90 happy and lucky children got to take in the Broadway Show on a Saturday Night!

The singing and dancing and story were the favorite parts for the children.  One little girl announced her favorite was the Mermaid.  For the adults the amazing performances (some will probably garner a Tony Award) the sets and the poignant story brought us to tears!

As usual, we can not show you the faces of the children until we get permission, but while we were waiting outside it began to snow and I snapped a few stealthy photos while the children were enchanted by the first falling flakes of the season.

Waiting for Big Fish watching snowflakes

Waiting for Big Fish watching snowflakes

Happy But Shy!

Happy But Shy!

Darrell Williams and Deidra Sutton lead the way for ACS while Sue Wolf and Sarahbeth Grossman and Donald Yonker volunteered to greet and organize the groups as they arrived.  We will update this post with more information but the Bronx and Queens were handsomely represented in this magical outing!

The Greeting Committee

The Greeting Committee

Darrell Williams, Sue Wolf, Deidra Sutton

Darrell Williams, Sue Wolf, Deidra Sutton

Many thanks to all who donated money, tickets, time and energy.  Katie Pope and Heidi Neven you were angels to make this happen. As was Sean (house manager) and the box office staff!  To the Producers and the Cast and Crew and Orchestra we say  “the show was AMAZING and we all had the BEST TIME!  THANK YOU!”~ Sue Wolf Founder


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